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luxury woollen slippers / slip on sandals
Sheperd Of sweden Woollen Slippers
comfortable summer footware / slippers / sandals

Silvia Woollen Slippers

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A beautiful pair of comfortable felted slip on sandals in 100% felted wool with a suede bow. Wool has the ability of not only being naturally anti -bacterial and dirt - repelling but it also regulates heat. Keeps you cool when its warm and warm in cold. Oh and it feels great on being a natural 'living' fabric.


Shepherd of Sweden have craftsmanship at the heart of what they do. They take responsibility for the whole chain from fleece to the final product. They accept no form of mulesing and guarantee that no products from them come from sheep exposed to this. Their skilled craftpeople still do most of the work by hand and with more than 70 years worth of experience you can be sure that all of their products meet the highest quality.

Due to current situation and overstretched carries please allow 12-15 days for the delivery of this product.