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How to care for your sheepskin

We understand how important is to keep your sheepskin looking beautiful and fluffy for many years to come so we have created a list of tips and tricks to keep it looking amazing.

Sheepskin is a natural product and therefore will not appreciate a direct sunlight or damp conditions. Strong sunlight can dry the skin and bleach out the colour especially when it comes to dyed hues. Whilst damn conditions attracts black mould making the fibre curl up causing a permanent damage. Should the skin got wet or damp dry it outside away from a direct sunlight or any heat source. 

Sheepskin is a natural material which naturally repeals dirt and dust but if your skin gets dirty the general rule of thumb is to either brush or shake your sheepskin regulary to keep it clean and dust free. The best brush to do this is wired teeth brush which will keep it in the perfect condition ( available to purchase via our website or comes free with any orders over £100 )

If a gentle brush won't do the job and you need to wash it we recommend spot cleaning it immediately with a clean damp cloth and light wool detergent. Avoid washing it in  the washing machine altogether but if this is your only option ensure you wash it on a gentle wool wash programme  ( no hotter than 30c ) using our sheepskin washing detergent specifically designed to care for your sheepskin in the kindness possible way.  If you prefer using washing powder please ensure you only use non biological powder and don't be tempted to use any other washing detergents as those contain enzyme which will damage the wool. If your washing machine hasn't got wool programme try using delicate / hand wash remembering to use the low temperature setting if this needs to be set manually. If possible we strongly recommend washing machine as the last option as it can damage your sheepskin permanently. 

When drying the rug please ensure its removed from any direct heat source including sunshine and laid flat and never tumble dry.  We highly recommend brushing the rug to help circulate the fibres of the wool and once completely dry ( this can take few days) shake the rug vigorously and rejuvenate the pile by giving it another brush.


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