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Icelandic Sheepskin Care Guide

Strong direct sunlight should be avoided to prevent UV to the natural fibres and dye colours. Please note colour transfer may occur. Storage in damp or wet conditions should be avoided to prevent damage to the leather pelt. Regular brushing will help maintain and bring out best in wool fibres.
To clean your Icelandic sheepskin we advise you use hand wash liquid, water and a clean cloth. Mix the liquid with water to create the foam/froth. Use this foam with a clean cloth to rub away any stains. Note: do not use much water. Lay the skin flat on the ground and leave to dry naturally. Please note that with dyed Icelandic Sheepskins colour transfer may occur.
Icelandic Sheepskins are rare breeds from Iceland, completely natural and un-dyed retaining their original markings and colour. The wool is long and "shaggy" in appearance.

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