Poro - Albino Reindeer

Poro - Albino Reindeer

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The genuine white albino reindeer hide  is truly extraordinary. Remarkably rare, and exquisitely beautiful, it bears the hallmarks of quality and 100% natural splendour.

This natural albino reindeer hide is a decorative delicate hide, styled best as a show-stopping floor covering in areas of no traffic, or as a stunning throw draped over furniture or the bed.

Ethically sourced from Scandinavia, we recommend cleaning these albino reindeer hides simply by gentle shaking to dust off dirt. Though these rare hides are considered naturally waterproof, we do not suggest submerging in excessive amounts of water. Simply spot clean with water if needed with a clean cloth to the affected soiled area. 

Avoid where possible excessive rubbing so as not to damage the hair follicles and keep off direct heat sources and away from direct sunlight that could dry the back of the skin.


Size 130cm x 100 cm